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Currency ISIN Bloomberg Lipper ID Valor
UAI Global EUR CH0112654048 UCITGHF 11037602 11265404
UAI Fund of Funds EUR CH0112654006 UCITFOF 11037609 11265400
UAI Commodities EUR CH0112653883 UCITCOM 11037603 11265388
UAI CTA EUR CH0112653917 UCITCTA 11037604 11265391
UAI Emerging Markets EUR CH0112653933 UCITEMM 11037605 11265393
UAI Equity Market Neutral EUR CH0112653958 UCITEMN 11037606 11265395
UAI Event-Driven EUR CH0112653966 UCITEVD 11265396 11037607
UAI Fixed Income EUR CH0112653990 UCITFIF 11037608 11265399
UAI FX EUR CH0112654022 UCITFXF 11037610 11265402
UAI Long/Short Equity EUR CH0112654063 UCITLSE 11037611 11265406
UAI Macro EUR CH0112654097 UCITMAC 11037612 11265409
UAI Multi-Strategy EUR CH0112654071 UCITMUL 11037613 11265407
UAI Volatility EUR

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